"I started coming along to Fitmumz 2 years ago. I had been following Brooke on social media for about a year and had decided if I was ever going to exercise I wanted to go to Fitmumz, which was easy to think as I never thought I would go to the gym. 

Around this same time I began suffering from anxiety and panic attacks after the premature birth and death of our third child. I was advised by two medical professionals that I would benefit from some sort of exercise so I plucked up the courage and contacted Brooke.

After the initial consultation we decided that PT sessions would be the best for me as I had never exercised or played any sports. I was pleased with this as the thought of group classes petrified me. After 6 weeks Brooke encouraged me to try a group class which I did reluctantly, everyone was so welcoming and encouraging and I never looked back.

I initially started with one class a week then went to 2 classes and after a year I had built up to 4 classes. At this point the first 12 week challenge was being advertised and I decided to do it. I learnt so much about myself during the challenge, when I lost my son I blamed myself, I blamed my body and I felt broken. The challenge reminded me how strong, determined and focused I could be it also gave me back my confidence in myself and in my body, that is was still able to do amazing things. Fitmumz and consistent training has changed mine and my families lives.

Brooke is a trainer who is second to none. Her skills, knowledge and desire to see peoples lives improved is what makes Fitmumz special.

Fitmumz for me has been a journey, a journey back to mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health and wellbeing."



"At the start of 2016 I was at my heaviest, weighing in at 112kgs. I was struggling to fit my clothes properly and the final straw came when I saw pictures of myself with my family over New Years. 

I had always been an active person, went from gym to gym, tried bootcamps, constantly yoyo dieting and being one dimensional in my training, so when I did ever get results they never lasted. Well this all changed for good when I joined a 6 Week Challenge at FITmumz One Tree Hill in May 2016.

I previously met Ash (FITmumz trainer and extraordinaire) a few years ago at a gym we both went to, since then I had followed her progress due to her impressive results. Her transformation was incredible and I'd often bump into her from time to time and ask when FITmumz was coming out to Central/East Auckland. So it was like God answered my prayers when they announced the launch of FITmumz One Tree Hill!!

It's now been a year since I joined FITmumz OTH and I'm just so amazed and proud of what I've achieved in this short amount of time. My weight is now down to 86kgs, a whopping 19kgs since joining!! And a total of 26kgs since New Years of 2016. I've gone from a size 18 to a size 12 (a size I haven't worn since I was a teenager). I'm closing into my 40's and I'm the fittest and healthiest I've been in my whole entire life. 

I credit a lot of my transformation to the targeted and variety of training we do. FITmumz is not bound by one type of training, as members we are always being challenged with new things and that's what keeps our exercise workouts fresh and exciting. My nutrition has also had a big overhaul through the assistance of Brooke. I've finally realised there are no magic pills or quick fixes. We're so fortunate to have Brooke's wealth of knowledge and experience in both exercise and nutrition, I mean you only have to see her to know what I'm talking about.

Through FITmumz I've been blessed to share my success with my family who also now train at FITcomm and FITmumz with me. And my results have also influenced friends/family to make a positive change with their own health and fitness. 

Brooke and Siaosi are driven and passionate about helping us reach our goals and full potential. They provide us with the information, skills and support to be our best! They won't sugar coat anything around fitness and nutrition; it's simple, you put in the hard work and effort, you will get the results!! If you are serious about making a positive lifestyle change for yourself and your family, FITmumz is where you need to be! We are more than just a gym, We are a Community...We are a Family!"





"I am 52 years old, a wife, a mother to three and a Nan to one. I have always been on the chunky side, big boned, thick skin but still pretty active - well so I thought until I had to do several

I joined Fitmumz in October 2015 after attending some classes my workplace had set up for staff. I was suffering from arthritis in the knees and my Doctor had informed me that I needed to lose weight to alleviate the pain and the mobility issues I was having.

For several months squats, lunges and anything that involved jumping was almost unbearable! But never one to give up, I persisted through each session and am now able to do all of these movements without my knee brace and with minimal irritation.

Fitmumz has been a game changer for me, with the encouragement from the other members and Brooke's guidance on nutrition (which I really did try to stay true to and be accountable for but I am human and I do slip up a bit) I have managed to rid myself of just over 40 kgs and keep it off ever since!!! I feel like I have been given a whole new lease on life, a more active lease and there is no going back.

Nowadays you'll find me competing with my mum and one of my sisters, in the Sport Northland Walk/Run series as well as Round the Bays and of course the events we as a Fitmumz group enter such as Horley's O'Rock and the Sketchers 6/12k Women's run.

I was truly honoured when I was awarded the "Undercover Transformation of the Year 2016" at the annual Fitmumz awards especially when there are so many ladies who have done amazing fetes throughout the year. There are still days when I struggle to believe what I have achieved but I am so very grateful to the FITmumz family, my family and friends for their support. On the down side though, I have had to spend a small fortune to replenish my wardrobe as my clothes keep becoming too big...but I guess I can live with that.

I would encourage anyone looking to get fit to give Fitmumz a try. And for those like me that aren't in their 20s or 30s - I am living proof that age is no barrier, and you are never too old or too unfit to give it a damn good go!"

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